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"...incomparably soulful debut album..... The Little Death's sound is unmistakably inspired by classic blues. Voluptuous melodies and evocative lyrics are laced with a robust rock-and-roll edge..Daron Murphy and acclaimed musician Moby swap off on guitar and bass, Aaron Brooks lays down rhythmic percussion, while Laura Dawn's powerfully seductive & haunting voice leaves listeners breathless with a force and distinction that evokes Tina Turner."

-Zink Magazine

“One of New York’s best-kept sultry secrets….top notch players and volcanic generosity…singer Laura Dawn’s staging and rocket-fuel is punk…and her powerhouse voice channels blues and gospel…she’s a riveting performer, her own blend of Tina Turner and Janis Joplin…Daron Murphy bends low with his guitar and to her right, Moby paces forwards and back with his bass. The sound is their own special cocktail of soul, punk, blues, rock, and just the right amount of drunk”

– Annie Nocenti, The Brooklyn Rail

"Noirish-blues-rock meets Laura Dawn's sultry purr and the bald one's punk"

- Time Out NY

"The rock and soul outfit cranked out one hell of a performance...the kind of music played in old juke joints updated with some modern touches...soul searching lyrics about love and other catastrophes...Laura (Dawn)'s a powerhouse of a woman with a voice that makes you feel this big (take your thumb and index and put them close to each other)..You just don't mess around with her!"

- MusicSnobbery.com

"Laura Dawn's pipes can damn near raise the dead. The full-throated vocalist... bends notes six ways to Sunday in Moby's rock band side-project, The Little Death NYC. Backed by swaggering House of Zep riffs, Dawn cuts loose over bluesy psychedelia"

- Metromix.com

“Seeing a show at Simon Hammerstein’s theater (The Box) can be a trip down the rabbit hole for some Amid the daily shocks of seeing Britney’s betty, and watching Nicole Richie eat a cheeseburger, nothing really astonishes us anymore. It takes that certain something to really bring about a jaw-dropping moment. Watching Moby play guitar and bass in his fantastic new band The Little Death…comprised of magnetic frontwoman Laura Dawn…. sidled up next to some village people gyrating in front of Heather Graham, Julia Stiles and Alicia Witt was just what we needed…. Needless to say, I didn’t need to pinch myself in the A.M.—the hangover was enough to bring me back to reality.”

-Holly GoNightly, Black Book Magazine

"Like the original Ike & Tina Turner Revue, minus the beatings. I love them!"

- John Waters on The Little Death

"Move over Janis Joplin!"

-David Lynch on The Little Death